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Your Gift Makes A Difference at Memorial Park

Your Gift Makes A Difference at Memorial Park

Life Restored (Photo: RHP)


The Memorial Park Association and Memorial Park have had a year of successes! Your financial support is a constant reminder to us of the importance of our mission “to enhance, preserve, and promote Memorial Park as the premier historic park in the City of Jacksonville” and the intrinsic value it holds for all those who consider it to be a treasure.

In January nearly 100 people attended the Annual Meeting, welcoming the new slate of MPA Officers and Directors and recognizing the outgoing Directors. There was a presentation of the restoration of Life and the Master Plan; President, Agnes Danciger gave a year end report; and lastly Dr. Wayne Wood unveiled one of 30 limited edition reproductions of Charles A. Pillars’ original maquette for Life sculpture. The proceeds from the sale of these will benefit the Memorial Park Association, The Jacksonville Historical Society and Riverside Avondale Preservation.

In May the restoration of Life statue and Fountain received the prestigious award of Historic Preservation from the City of Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission.


The relationship of the MPA and the City is strong and though the park is the responsibility of the City of Jacksonville, there is a large gap between what the City can do and what very much needs to be done. Our Master Plan is a City Council approved, working document and the needs are very clear.


Balustrade Restoration: The City will replace the missing pieces of concrete balusters and the MPA will restore and secure the damaged and unstable pieces of existing balusters.

Drainage and Irrigation: Thanks to the generosity of HASKELL we will soon have construction documents prepared for permitting. Thanks to the generosity of Clary & Associates we have a completed comprehensive site survey. Your donation will contribute to the restoration of the center oval to a healthy lawn for future use.

Perimeter Fence Replacement: The perimeter fencing is in grave disrepair and needs to be replaced. Your donation will contribute to the fabrication of a new perimeter fence.

Path Lighting: The City will replace existing lamps with new LED lighting that will allow for continuous illumination of the paths and a safer park. Your donation will contribute to the new, historically accurate globes and the repainting of the existing posts.
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Your Gift Makes A Difference at Memorial Park