Photo courtesy of Mark Krancer
Photo Courtesy of Mark Krancer

Current Leadership

Board of Directors and Officers

Memorial Park Association is comprised of an all-volunteer board of directors, each elected by the board, who serve as chairpersons and members of various committees that oversee the preservation of the park in perpetuity, and officers elected from the board to serve on the Executive Committee to help the City of Jacksonville manage the park’s day-to-day operations and maintenance needs. Currently Memorial Park Association has no paid staff.

Officers 2021

Michele L. Luthin

Executive Vice President
Laurie N. Jarvis

Kate A. Hallock

Ann R. Mackey

Vice Presidents
Patrick M. Emmet
Vickie L. Mangin

Board of Directors

Barbara H. Arnold

Timothy A. Burleigh

Agnes E. Danciger

David W. Foerster

W. Robinson Frazier III

Stanton W. Hudmon

Mary W. Jarrett

Leah Kavanagh-Lim

Eric W. Lycke

Joan W. Newton

Percy Rosenbloom III

Timothy M. Tyler

Kelly H. Varn

H. Warner Webb, M.D.