Photo courtesy of Mark Krancer

From the Desk of Patrick Emmet, President, Regarding Hurricane Idalia Damage

September 6, 2023

To our Donors, Supporters and Community,

It has been one week post destruction from Hurricane Idalia, and we would
like to take the time to share what has transpired since the storm.
During Hurricane Idalia, Memorial Park sustained serious damage to the
balustrades along the river. The day following the storm, the City of
Jacksonville Director of Parks, Risk Management Team, Disaster Recovery
Team, Construction Management Team, Design Team, and the Memorial
Park Association Board met to assess the damage and determine the path

As I walked the park last Thursday, I was heartbroken by the damage. I was
equally hopeful witnessing the City of Jacksonville respond quickly and upon
hearing their plans to rebuild stronger.

In 2017, the balustrades sustained damage from Hurricane Irma. In 2019,
the City of Jacksonville, repaired the bulkhead, and in 2020 the City of
Jacksonville and FEMA finished the repairs to the balustrades. The City of
Jacksonville oversaw and paid for the repairs to the bulkhead and
balustrades then, and will continue to fully manage and pay for the entire
repair process, post Idalia.

As we continued to walk around the park, we were encouraged to see the
Masterplan updates that MPA made to the park in 2022, faired exceptionally
well and sustained no damage. This is a testament to Patti Houlihan,
Construction Committee Chair, and her team.

As stewards of the money raised for the SOV Campaign and Masterplan, it is
of the upmost importance that our donors know that the money spent on the
Masterplan restoration project, has not been spent in vain and there was no
damage to the work completed last year through Memorial Park Association.
It is important to the MPA Board that all improvements in the park are of
the highest quality. We thank you for your continued support and hope this
clears up any questions or concerns you have.  We also hope this mobilizes
you to continue your support for Memorial Park, as we prepare for the 100-
year anniversary next year.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me
directly or anyone else on the board.

Best regards,
Patrick Emmet
Memorial Park Association