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On Christmas Day in 1924, Memorial Park, Jacksonville’s historic Olmsted Brothers-designed Park, Florida’s World War One Memorial, and home to the iconic Spiritualized Life sculpture was dedicated in a ceremony honoring Florida’s Fallen – the more than 1,220 Floridians who died in the first World War.

Maintaining this great park and World War One Memorial as it enters its second century will be  possible only through a vibrant partnership between private donors, the business community, and the City of Jacksonville. This private-public partnership preserves an important legacy and ensures the park will continue to be a vital resource and destination for generations to come.

As a business and community leader, we invite you to join us as a Centennial Sponsor. You are a visible and contributing member of our community, and your endorsement will extend and enhance our work for the next 100 years.

With your sponsorship, we will recognize and highlight your business throughout the year. Memorial Park Association was created in 1986 by a group of park enthusiasts and local philanthropists concerned with Memorial Park’s persistent state of decline and disrepair. The Association revitalized the park, repaired the damage caused by Hurricane Irma and, today, is in the process of implementing a master plan to restore the park to its original Olmsted vision and grandeur.

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Brightway Insurance:
Daniel Miller and Lior Spring

First Horizon

Kyle and Bruce Musser


St. Johns Flower Market

Ms. Carson Barnett

Ms. Brooks Dame

Ted and Nancy Powell

RADM and Mrs. William E. Shannon III USN (Ret.)

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The Association is in a time of great growth as we raise awareness in the community about our role and the intrinsic value Memorial Park has for our greater Jacksonville community, especially local businesses, their employees, and their customers. Please join us!