Adopt The Park Sponsors

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Adopt the Park Sponsors

The Memorial Park Association’s Adopt The Park sponsorship program was launched in May, 2015. The program funds the Landscape & Grounds Committee’s yearly costs to enhance and beautify Memorial Park.  We thank the following businesses for supporting our efforts.

Citizens Committee Level Sponsor ($20,000 +)
The Citizens Committee was founded in 1919 to plan Memorial Park. Led by George Hardee of the Rotary Club of Jacksonville, civic leaders and philanthropists included Morgan V. Gress, Ninah Cummer, Edith Gray and Mary Cline McGarvey. By 1920, the group had raised $52,000 for the design of the Park and Memorial.

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Olmsted Brothers Level Sponsor ($15,000+)
As a full century lapsed between 1857 and 1961, a man named Fredrick Law Olmsted would be associated with the firm renamed Olmsted Brothers, in 1898 by the trained sons of renowned Landscape Architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted, continuing his legacy of  internationally recognized park design.

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Promenade Sponsor Level Sponsor ($2,500)
The Promenade was designed as a distinctive paved ring that allows visitors to the park the opportunity to comfortably stroll around the entire playing field.

Mr. Dawson Society Level Sponsors ($1,500)
J.F. Dawson was a principal at the famed Olmsted Brothers landscape design firm in Brookline Massachusetts and represented that firm in the design of Memorial Park.

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